2020 HERE WE GO!

I am so happy that you are reading this article because I know very well that you have made it in 2020. This is one big chance that God has trusted you with and you need to sit down and think of how you are going to spend the next 11 months and weeks ahead of you.

If you have done that already big up to you and all the best, some people really wished to be part of this group and had such lovely and inspiring plans but did not make it because they kicked the bucket on the way.
It is the first week of the month and of course the expected 2020 and almost everyone is very busy planning on what to do with their lives while others it’s just like any other year and they are ready to go with the flow.
I believe each one of us have their own way of doing their things and I have come to realise that no matter what happens in life, planning is very important in every activity that you are doing.

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Each and every year of the first month most people are very busy with setting goals and jotting them down and after 3 or 4 months it becomes a history or a wish. Even the bible in Habakkuk 2:2 encourages us to write down our goals and it also explains that the herald may run with it meaning that not all goals that have been written will come to pass but we need to focus and discipline ourselves on how best to run with the vision to get what we want to achieve.
The best part about life is that we all have the chance to change and do much better. I have decided to work extra harder to be much better than I am today and I know that won’t just come on a silver platter but I need to give up other habits in order to be a better version of me.
You can also make a decision to be the best version of you that people have never seen and they will be thrilled when that other better version of you will be birthed.
Nothing can never be impossible, If you started that bad habit there is also a possibility that you can change and be the that one thing you really want to be.
There are times you feel like it’s over and nothing can be done but only if you make a decision and focus trust me you will do it and you will win in 2020.
If you are planning of starting school in 2020 go ahead and plan well about it; if you are planning to start a business but you do not have cash as of now I encourage you to keep on because sometimes what we need is just faith to carry on.

Faith Kayz.jpg
If you are just dreaming like me on planning on living a very good healthy life let’s do it. If you do not have money to pay at the gym, why not doing it at home, jog alone or with friends, eat well and have good sleep and be happy.
What I am trying to say is you are responsible for your life, plan and set goals for this beautiful year and cut off all the negativity that always kill your vibe and focus in 2020.
I believe you are going to be responsible and be focused. I wish you nothing but the best in the year ahead and let us win together, thanks for stopping by to read my article.
What are you planning to do or to change in this year?


A month ago one of my friends sent me a post about a certain organization that was circulating on social media. The post was all over, I mean in different WhatsApp groups and what I loved about it was the quote which said: “Come and learn to make your own music.”. I was like no way; make my own music?

Our team, as participants for the training

I was so excited about it because music is my second home. Every time I sing, I feel good and I can relate to my own life when I listen to music from other artists. When I saw the post, I wanted to get more details so that I should be part of the team. I looked for the poster again and I found out that Nvak runs a free program to teach songwriting, production and music business. Instructors come from the United States and present local artists with a chance to get their music heard by record labels.
After finishing reading, I went straight to the corner of their poster where I saw how to apply. I also clicked a link that directed me to their website. On the site, they have a mission statement which says the following: Nvak is a nonprofit organization that recruits talented musicians in countries struggling from social, political and/or cultural difficulties and provides hyper-local, world-class music education and resources to help musicians create and distribute their own contemporary music worldwide.

Some of the participants during one of the sessions

Their mission continued to say Nvak creates opportunities where there is none, using music as a tool for underserved teens and young adults to find their voices and amplify their stories beyond their countries borders. It also serves the western world by bringing previously absent stories into mainstream music and offering a unique perspective on global issues.
After reading their mission statement, I told myself that I needed to be part of this transformation and I applied. The next day I asked my friend, who is also a singer, if she applied. I was so excited and I eagerly expected to hear the names of the people who had been selected.
Three weeks passed and I received an email saying I had been selected to be part of the program which was to be hosted for two weeks. I was so excited because my best friend was also selected. I also saw that some few female artists that I know were also part of the team. One thing I loved about this team was that it was a team of ladies only. I was looking forward to meet different young women with the same passion that I have; which is music.
The first day it was very great because we spent the whole morning introducing ourselves and it was so great to know each other. We also got to know why each artist is so passionate about music. The stories I heard made me love the team more. Simply put, I love to be surrounded by different young people with inspiring stories.
And before I tell you more about my experience on this program, our music instructors were so amazing from the first day. We were so honored to have the founder of navak tamar, who came all the way from United States of America, to explain about the whole program. She did not come alone, she came with Halima who was our instructor, and trust me this girl is so amazing and I love her personality and also her style.

We also had a photographer, Alex who was from South Africa. He was always taking photos, videos and interviews of us during the training.
Apart from the interaction with the female artists, what stood out for me was the learning of music production and also songwriting. I started writing songs when I was just 12 years of old. I have been writing different songs up to now. After the training, I realized that I was just naturally following the melody, but now I am able to write a full structure of a song. Apart from that I make sure that I should narrate the song well so that the fans should get to know what I am trying to say.
We also learnt music production, and it is one of the best thing that has happened to me this year. I now can record somebody or myself and produce a song because of this program. We were all using Logic Pro X and I can’t lie, it was fun. I never imagined myself producing a song, I thought it was a man’s job things have really changed. And I thank Nvak.
I was also inspired by few young women who have skill of playing different instruments. Now I have told myself that I should learn piano and I am so excited already.
During the first day of training, we were given an assignment to write a song and we had to present it during class time in front of everybody. So we had to write a song and sing it. Then we had to wait for our instructors, Halima and Tamar, to critique it.
I must say it was fun and at the same time frustrating because there was a moment I was blank; I couldn’t write a song. If the song was not well arranged, you were sent back to write it again. All of us did not like the idea of doing things over and over again but at the end of the day it was worth it. And I must say, it has helped me to come up with two songs right now. If it wasn’t for training, I would have zero songs right now.
Nvak experience has been challenging but it’s a one-time life changing event to me. Apart from the music production and songwriting, the interaction I had with the girls was so amazing. We had a chance of sharing our stories and I must say, it was so inspiring to hear how these powerful ladies overcame their challenges and used music to express themselves. After completing our songs, we all had to produce our songs ourselves. Everyone had to produce a song of someone else. I had a chance to produce Theresa’s demo called “show me your glory” and we had Paul, who is also from Zathu Band, to play the piano. I must say it was beautiful and enjoyed every moment.
It did not end there but we all had to performe our originals songs at Latitude 13 hotels. We had to finalize our songs and rehearsals to prepare for the open mic. I must say two days before my performance, my song was not done but thanks to Nandi, Luki and Maggie who helped me up with a melody and good rhythm. I remember sleeping late at home and the next morning calling my friend to help me out with my lyrics and he sent me 4 bars to add to my first verse. I finished with second verse then boom i song was done.
Everyone was excited and also nervous at the same time but it was amazing and I really had fun. I wish I could explain everything from the food, to the group photos but what I can say is, thanks to Nvak foundation for choosing Malawi and introducing this program. I should also everyone that sponsored this event to happen. We have benefited and personally I have been enlightened. Many thanks should also go to Kim of Diamonds who was running up and down to make sure we are on time and not forgetting Kingsly Tembenu who was playing us the acoustic guitar during the rehearsals and also the performance day on the 13 of November.
After the workshop I would love to sharpen my skills on producing and also give good music to my fans by writing well-structured songs and well narrated ones.
Nvak is one of the best things that has happened to me in 2019 and will always be forever grateful always. In one sentence I would say Nvak means to me: “A once in a lifetime opportunity I need to value and change my life.”


Our team, as participants for the training

Everyone was excited and also nervous at the same time but it was amazing and I really had fun. I wish I could explain everything from the food, to the group photos but what I can say is, thanks to Nvak foundation for choosing Malawi and introducing this program. I should also everyone that sponsored this event to happen. We have benefited and personally I have been enlightened. Many thanks should also go to Kim of Diamonds who was running up and down to make sure we are on time and not forgetting Kingsly Tembenu who was playing us the acoustic guitar during the rehearsals and also the performance day on the 13 of November.

After the workshop I would love to sharpen my skills on producing and also give good music to my fans by writing well-structured songs and well narrated ones.
Nvak is one of the best things that has happened to me in 2019 and will always be forever grateful always. In one sentence I would say Nvak means to me: “A once in a lifetime opportunity I need to value and change my life.”


2019 has been an exciting year. I can’t believe we only have two months to finish it. And also summer is coming to an end. Since January, I have been travelling across Malawi from the Northern Region up to the Southern Region and I really enjoyed it. I love the part that I have discovered a lot of different cultures. With all the places that I have been to, I was still wanting to visit the lake as well and be able to spend some time of the year there. Had to look at my calendar and also check the updates of different festivals taking place during this year’s summer time.
I looked at a number of festivals taking place around world as well as different camps for youth, I decided of attending a youth Christian three days camp called Faith Camp which organized by Faith Connect an interdenominational group that is aimed at helping young people from different denominations and colleges to share their faith in Christ and grow.

Faith Camp 2019 advert

The registration was online and I did few months before the camp. I was really excited to attend and meet new young people who are so passionate to share the word of God and also have fun together. The retreat took place in Mangochi and young people from different parts of Malawi registered and came at one place to worship and fellowship together with the King of Kings and also have fun at the same time.

On our way to the camp

I was part of Lilongwe Team. The Faith Camp Shuttle as it is called, departed from Gateway Mall and went to different spots where the campers were supposed to be picked up from and I was picked up from St. John’s Catholic Secondary School and three more were picked up along the road from different spots. We then started off to the camp and we had so much fun on our way.
I remember we stopped at Golomoti and bought Chiwaya (local chips) with pork and chicken. We started the fun before reaching the camp site and I must say it was really great and this was the fifth camp organized by The Faith Connect and it was my first time and I was looking forward to be part of it.

Us doing the photoshoots

We were the second team of campers to arrive and I must say it was cool because we had time to rest, get to know each other and it was a pleasure. While waiting for other campers I started exploring the place with other girls and went down the lake and we took group photos, videos and so many selfies. I must admit the place is so beautiful that I didn’t focus on anything apart from the thigs I was doing at that moment with those beautiful girls.
After few hours the many expected participants arrived and it was so inspiring to see different young people with smiley faces and it enlightened my face and it made me feel that these are the types of gathering that are very important for young people.
Everyone was shown where to put their bags and we were ready for supper and I loved the meal because it was my favorite, Nsima with chicken and we had fun. Soon after that we went straight to the Dining where Gomez Varela welcomed all of us and then introduced the first Speaker Richard Ngwira who introduced the theme of this year’s camp: A call to serve.
I must say it was very beautiful to listen to the message and see what God has installed for us.

After the message we prayed and we all went to our designated rooms, I must say I was so lucky because I shared a room with my beautiful sisters, Hanna and Carol form DMI University as well as Theresa from the University of Malawi, Poly Technic. After attending different programs these were the friends I was talking to mostly since we were in the same room.
The next day was also a very beautiful day as we started by going to the beach and meditated on the word of God, we were taught about silent prayer. Personally I really enjoyed the company I had with God and the rest of the people who were there. This was led by Sister Stephanie and whole idea was to bring everyone at a place where we will just focus on God and God alone and soon after that we went back to our rooms to take a shower and get ready for the breakfast.
As usual the meals were so delicious and on time, thanks to Joseph Mdumuka and Michelle Thawale and not forgetting Settie Mswayo and all the Camp Chefs for the meal preparation. Before the breaking the fast we went for a Morning Devotion that was led by Hanna Gomani and after that we had our time to chill which was so beautiful. I met different young people that I learnt a lot from them and their laughter, joy, peace of mind made me love myself and thank God that I attended the Camp. The other exciting thing at the camp was canoe riding. we went down the lake to have some fun. It was my first time to ride a canoe and I was so happy and excited, we sang aloud, took photos, sing praises to God and I was so happy to point that we were tired and others started swimming and I was more into taking photos with other friends.

The fun went on to the point that I joined some friends who were dancing and we danced and danced and danced. Day two was my favorite day because I loved every single thing we did. After supper we went into another time of prayer led by Gomez Valera and after the powerful session we went outside for a bonfire and it was amazing. We gathered to chat while others were reciting their poems like Reclaimed and I also did a song and so many things happened to the point that we went to sleep around 2:00am.
I feel like I can write a book about this trip but for now I should stop right here. I don’t regret going to Faith Camp 2019, because I learned a lot and I really had fun.IMG-20191029-WA0024

And one more thing before I say good bye the last day everyone is given an envelope that has pieces of paper where participants write mails to each other while at the Camp. The envelopes are pasted on a mailing wall and we were writing to all the people we have interacted with at the camp. This is called mailing and I was so in love to write to the people and send them messages that would inspire them. I was happy to open my envelope and see what people said about me it was so special and I was encouraged.
I wish I wrote everything that happened but hey! Just make sure you register and attend next year’s Faith Camp, Registration is done online through their website, www.thefaithconnect.com I promise you will love it.

Thanks a lot for spending your time and read my blog, I appreciate a lot and God bless you and for this year what has been your favorite trip and any trip that you are looking forward to? Let’s get connected and share.



Being female is not easy but I love being a girl and over my lifetime I can say that being a girl is so interesting. Each and everyday when am going out I always carry my handbag with me whether big or small. It might be a hustle bag or an office bag, but I make sure that every day I have a handbag when I’m going out. I’m jealous of girls who don’t feel the need to carry large bags. My best friend for example, carries a cute little backpack bag with her keys, her yellow purse, and maybe some perfume and that’s all she need.

It really doesn’t matter where I’m going, I just make sure that I have it with me. A handbag really adds beauty to my outfit, I guess. Every time go shopping for a handbag, I make sure that first, it should classy because I love classy things. It should have a big space Inside because I really love to pack things with me even if I am not using the stuff. It is very funny I know but most of us girls will agree with me that most of us like to do that.
Each and every day when am going somewhere I am always carrying some small stuff with me. I will share with you most of the stuff I always carry and if you are a girl I know you will be familiar with some of the things that I am about to post below. Here are the ten things I always carry in my handbag:

Wherever I go I always make sure I have a pen with me and a notepad. This is so because I am always inspired by the little things that happen every day in life. This might inspire me to write a song or even an article on my blog. I am always creating new things every day. So when a thought comes inside my head, I write it down in my notepad in case I might forget. I know I can use my phone for this purpose but I feel like writing things down is better and that’s why I have my pen and notepad with me.

Sometimes you just meet important people unexpectedly hence I always carry my business cards and credit cards with me every time. There are times when you meet new people and you need to be more professional and carrying the two items does the trick. I am a kind of person who always wants to be ready all the times even though I know you can never be ready for everything but I think being organized is the least one can do.


I am that type of girl who loves to look beautiful and shiny all the time. As such, I always carry my Lip gloss and lipstick with me in my handbag. I wouldn’t want my lips to be dry while I am in a meeting or waiting for my customers. I wouldn’t want people to find me looking as if I wasn’t ready for them. Besides, there is a saying that goes like, “The first rule of feeling good in life is looking good.” Therefore I made a decision to look good not only with the clothes I wear but also my face. It’s not only about business but about everyday life; that’s why I just love to look fresh all the time hence my lip-gloss stays put in my bag. And hey girls! We all know it’s not always about meeting. I mean who wants to look shabby when going for a date? Keep your lip gross with you all the time and thank me later.


mf_makeup_0781Almost every lady will agree with me that at some point, you need to wipe your face to make it clean or to remove the oils especially when it’s hot. I make sure these two are always in my bag whether the bag is small or big. I have already said that I always want to look fresh all the time.
There are times whereby you just need to wash your hands whether you had your food somewhere, or you just need to freshen up after working. I hate it when my hands are dry so having a hand lotion in my bag helps me to keep my hands soft all the time.

Woman Wiping Eye
600-823959 © Masterfile Model Release Woman Wiping Eye

I like to wear make-up on my face every time I am going out. Sometimes my lipstick doesn’t look nice after a meal and it needs fixing. So a wiper does that job for me and makes me feel comfortable. And what remains it to wear my lipstick properly so that I shine and feel fresh. Not only that, I have a greasy skin. Yes I said it lol. Anyway, there are some days when I just need to clean the slate and start new. So when your hands are dirty, baby wipes can do the job for you by cleaning your hands hence I make sure I carry them with me.


Talking of smelling good all the time… it’s my favorite part. Every person, whether male or female, wants to smell good all the time. I wouldn’t want to be panicking after a long day at work because of sweating and all that. I always carry my perfume with me and have a smiling face the whole day.
I’m not a fan of sweets and gum but I always make sure I have a packet or few candies in my bag. Even though I am not a fan, I always want to have a good breath everyday, so I love to buy the mint. As I have already said, you don’t know when you are going to cross path with a big opportunity in your life. I guess nobody wants to be smelly.

Tangles are the worst, I always make sure I have a comb in my handbag. I am not a fun of plaiting my hair, its either I have my hair or wear a wig. So we pack it in our handbag to get rid of the tango, I mean tangles.
10. A BOOK

Books are a hiding place or a comfort zone. I am so in love with reading that I can’t afford leaving my book or novel home. When I am alone waiting for somebody in a public place, I use that time to read. I particularly like spiritual books that would help my Christianity life grow. I also like fiction, drama, adventure and historical books and of coz novels are my favorite. I just love to read so I can’t just to leave a book behind.
So those are the 10 things I always carry in my bag but trust me, sometimes it’s more than that. As far I know I also carry my sunglasses and my HOLY BIBLE with me always even though I am not going to church or any church meetings. Day in and day out, we ladies always carry stuff in our handbags that we don’t even use and I feel like it’s just a beauty of being a girl. Guys do not get it but it’s ok and that’s why I said is interesting being a girl.
So let’s get connected, what do you think? What do you keep in your purse or your big handbag? Are you a big bag person or a tiny purse person? How many things do you carry in your bags and what are they?


It has been a while since I posted something here but its all good and am so happy that today I can share something with you. Two weeks ago I was busy surfing on the internet and I came across the calendar of United Nations. I was filled with awe  as I kept on scrolling the calendar and checking  the different world commemoration days on it. What got my attention was the world friendship day which is today, 30th July.

Some of  my friends who made my 24th birthday memorable: Esther and Florence

Did you know that? When I came through this I was astonished, by just learning that friendship is also celebrated Globally, I was like wow! I looked at my workmate Mercy Kelly who happens to be a good friend of mine too. I went straight to her desk and showed her what I discovered about today and how excited I was to write about it. We’ve been friends for four years now.

Actually, we were together in college at Malawi Institute of Journalism and funny enough we are also in the same office and how it happened it’s a story for another day but am so grateful for our friendship.  On my way back to my desk, I got a call from my best friend, Esther Chitheka Lewis. The words she said when I picked up her call was,”Sis where are you, I really want to talk to you about something, can we talk over lunch?” I agreed to that as I had no any planned meeting on that lunch break.

My best friend, Esther is amazing and fun to be around

Then as I was reflecting on our meeting later that day, I realised how important it was for us to meet. The issues she brought forward couldn’t been discussed with any random person. It really needed a close friend to be there for her.

I wasn’t done yet in finding out more about this day, as WORLD INTERNTIONAL DAY. I went back with keen interest and continued browsing about this day and how important it is to everyone. It may happen that you also had no idea about this day and you are curious to learn more as I was when I first saw it.

With my colleagues from work: Dana and Malumbo.

According to google I found out that: The original Day of friendship came from Hallmark Cards in the 1930s. Originally celebrated on 2nd August. The day was largely viewed cynically by the public as a money-making exercise, sales of friendship day cards did not take off in Europe and by the Mid-1940s the day had faded into obscurity in the USA.  The Idea of today is to honor friendship, however adopted by a number of countries in Asia where it remained a popular custom to reserve a day for celebrating friendships and the exchange of gifts between friends.

The first world friendship Day was proposed for 30th July 1958 by the world Friendship crusade, an international civil organization that campaigns to foster a culture of peace through friendship. Many years later, in 2011 the 30th July was declared as the international day of friendship by the general assembly of United Nations. With the growing popularity of social media throughout the world. There has been an increase in celebrating World friendship day as an international day of friendship online as well as with community aimed at ‘BRINGING PEOPLE OF THOSE OF DIFFERENT BACKGROUNDS TOGETHER’.

The purpose of this day is to reflect on friendships that are important to us as individuals, whether they be with an old school friend, a sibling, a colleague or even a pet.

This really got my attention and started thinking of my old friends especially my childhood friend. When I was between the age 4 to 7, I was staying in Ntcheu district together with my family. I really had an amazing childhood and I almost remember everyone whom we were playing together with at home as well as at school.

At school I was one of the hard working students and I had a friend whose name was CYNTHIA PUMA and we became close because she was also one of the top students in our class. There was a certain term we were both number one and another term one of us was position 1 and another position 2. And because of our good performance in class, one of our teachers who was Catholic Nun used to invite us at her place and sge would give us sweets and biscuits. We started going for weekends together with my friend’s sister charity.

I really had a great time with these two girls even though it was for a short time as I moved to another city, Blantyre the time I lost my parents. When I saw the post for a friendship day, I thought about this part of my childhood together with Cynthia and charity puma. We did not have much time but they made my childhood beautiful, because of that I had to start looking for their whereabouts so that I should know how they are.

Thanks to technology it was so easy than I expected, I just posted on my WhatsApp Status explaining about it:

The Status I posted in search of my childhood friends

Soon after I posted that on my WhatsApp status, after an hour, two of my mutual friends contacted me saying they have heard that name before at church and they asked around and boom it was my friend. We never wasted time but exchanged the contacts through those two friends and as am saying we are connected again after a long time.

We were very young and we reminded each other about the little exciting moments at school and we are both looking forward to see each other again and hey! We all can’t wait.

As we celebrated my boyfriend birthday,my friends showed up too: mercy and Esther

Remember friendship is an integral part of our lives and our happiness. Friends come in all shapes and sizes and offer different things. As I have already said that some friendships are formed in childhood, when individuals often make lifelong friends. These friends can be turned to in times of crisis or celebration such as a weddings. Others can cemented at college or university when people traditionally begin to widen their social circle and incorporate friendships through shared interests. We really need friends as well as family for support, companionships and advice at various stages of our lives.

I wish I could mention all the people in my life who have made my life beautiful and help me achieve some goals I have accomplished but they are many of them. I just want to say thank you for making my childhood, teenage, high school, college life etc. better. I am a better person today because of some of you and I will always be happy to call you friends. Today it’s just a reminder of how we should celebrate the people that have surrounded us but we can do this every day, respect and be happy with the friends that you have today for tomorrow is never promised. HAPPY WORLD INTERNATION DAY to everyone!!!!!!!!


MHM-DAY-1In case you didn’t know that May 28 is celebrated as Menstrual Hygiene day globally. This day was set because May is the 5th month of the year, and women’s menstruation period lasts for an average of 5 days. The 28th was chosen because the average of menstrual cycle is 28 days. Menstrual Hygiene Management (MHM) raises and combats taboos associated with Menstrual hygiene with the goal of enabling women and girls to achieve their full potential. Globally, more than half of women are currently of reproductive age and menstruation is a monthly reality. Yet all around the world, many women lack access to menstrual hygiene products or sanitation facilities, either due to limited availability or excessive cost.
Myths and stigmas surrounding menstruation cause some women and girls to miss school or work or go into isolation.

To my understanding I believe this is so because we don’t really talk about it openly. I remember when I first started my menstruation I was just 12 years old and in my final year at primary school.
I didn’t like the fact that I started at that age and I remember praying to God to asking him if I can I start 2 years later but it did not happen. Luckily enough, my mother told me what to expect and we also learnt about it at school. I had friends who never knew anything about menstruation, especially when it came to taking care of themselves. As a result, they ended up messing themselves and the boys in class would mock them. Unfortunately, this is still happening to our young girls in the present day.

Most of these girls are afraid to go to school when they are on their cycle because they don’t want to get embarrassed if their friends, especially boys, find out their situation. Others miss school because they don’t have the necessities they need during menstruation.

It sounds like a joke but this is very true, in many rural areas in Malawi you will find girls not going to school when it is time because they cannot afford to buy sanitary pads, which are sold at K550. I have heard people say that,why can’t they can’t just use the traditional way of using a cloth? when in reality it is very easy. I was shocked this other time, when I was talking to a girl in Mchinji; as part of a survey that sought to find out about absence of girls in schools. This girl told me she had one cloth which she uses but she cannot go to school because she needs to change during break time. To avoid that she needs to stay home to take care of herself and resume for school after the four days. When I asked why can’t she have two clothes to enable her to change at school; she said it was impossible told me because she cannot afford one. She said her mother doesn’t have a proper chitenje to wear and the cloth she has was shared by her cousin.
When I heard her story it got me thinking that she might not be the only girl in Malawi suffering on menstrual hygiene.

I know that somewhere, another girl is still suffering with the same problem. What am trying to say is; this is real and it is happening. However, I am glad that I have seen some organizations and different stakeholders on the forefront when it comes to menstrual hygiene management.

One of the stakeholders is Glam and Glory international. Glam and Glory has established a beauty pageant as platform to look for girls between the ages of 18-28. The girls contest and the winner is crowned as an ambassador for Menstrual hygiene in their district. They have been to Northern, and Central region so far, and they have been distributing reusable sanitary pads for free to 50 girls, who cannot afford to buy sanitary pads. To all the girls who have made it to top 3, they are taught how to make reusable sanitary pads; so that they can teach girls in their communities how to make the reusable sanitary pads.

Community leaders in Dedza giving the package of reusable sanitary pads and intimate hygiene soap to girls during crowning of miss Glam and Gloly Dedza.

Imagine if every girl in Malawi, especially in rural areas, knew how to make a reusable sanitary pad on their own. I think it might be a very good idea because we are going to have girls not missing school because of this reason.
Therefore I say big up to some organizations like; UNITED PURPOSE and UNICEF under WASH PROJECT. Special mention should also go to GOAL MALAWI, WORLD VISION just to mention a few, for taking part in distributing free sanitary pads and also for spreading the news on menstrual hygiene.

Students receiving donated sanitary pads from World Vision. Photos by Wezi Nungu World Vision.

I believe one day every young girl will get a message that this is not an embarrassing situation in her life. To me this is what really makes me feel like a woman, it has something very special that happens to only women. If we embrace it, we are going to reach higher heights and it won’t be a setback anymore.

I also believe that women and men of all ages must be aware of the importance of menstrual hygiene. There must be an open dialogue and education at home and in schools to foster engagement with this often unspoken issue. I believe we can achieve that together we no shame, no limit in order to bring awareness about good Menstrual Hygiene Management (MHM) and the role it plays in empowering women and adolescent girls worldwide to become all they can be: IT’S REALLY TIME FORACTION.



I literary don’t understand how time flies sometimes. Yesterday, marked 17 years since we buried my dad and it feels like just yesterday. I was so little when I experienced my father’s death but I remember everything that happened on that day. I will always praise God for his life and for giving me the best dad every child can dream of having.

With my father in 1999 when he was taking a photo for elections in Ntcheu, Malawi where we used to stay.

I can talk about my dad the whole day and tell you stories especially the moments we shared. One thing I will never forget about my father, was the strong friendship I had with him. I was the only daughter in the family and was so close to my dad. I remember when I was at nursery school, my dad used to escort me on his bicycle and every lunch hour, he would come and get me. I remember that he was never late: because when I was done with classes, I would find him outside, on his bicycle, waiting for me.

I enjoyed his companionship,friendship and love

There was a day, when we spent time at his shop and he told me that if we manage to make more money, we will be able to purchase a doll for me to play with. After the sales of that day, my dad bought me a big doll. I was so excited that I ran to my mother at home, and showed her what my father had done. I explained to my mother that we made more sales that day, and consequently, dad bought me a big doll.

My mother was so happy when she looked at me and said; “Wow! You have got what you have been looking for.”
Afterwards she went straight to my father and she told him it was not right to spend money on things like dolls. The conversation went on but I was busy with my new doll. Every time I think of this story, I shed tears sometimes but at the same, I smile. The smile comes as I feel the love my father had for me. Let me take this time to tell you that you have to show respect to your father, whether you’re close to him or not.
Let’s fast-forward to when I started my primary school. I was so excited to start school because it meant I could wear the cool, green Jim dress and white blouse. I remember on the first day, I went to school with my mother and father. That day my dad told me that he would not come to get me after knocking off.
“Why?” I asked.
“Because you are now 5 years of old and you will find new friends who will be coming home with you,” he said.
I opposed and told him to give me some time and to my surprise, my dad accepted. However gave me a condition that the deal would work if I scooped the first position in my class.
Everyday my dad picked me from school and we went straight to his shop. So he would work on his shop while I would be busy solving mathematics and practicing my spellings. I got used to the routine and this made me do very well in my class. This went on for more than a month; I guess we surpassed our deal. However, at some point, he stopped coming to pick me up and I started going home with my friends.
At the end of the first term, I was in the top ten and my dad told me he appreciated my effort. He also reminded me to keep my promise and strive for position one in the second term. So I worked hard and I maintained the first position to Standard 3.
There came a time when the teacher would ask; “Who is number 1?”
“Faith Kaunde,” all pupils would answer.
My dad would shower me with presents and my mother would boast about me among her friends. As I said, I have so many moments I can share with you even though I was so young the time when I lost him.

Moments I will never stop cherishing, with my mother and father in Machinga, Malawi.

There was this other day after school as usual, I went to my father’s shop. He told me that he would be happy if I would become a journalist when I grow up. He said he would be glad if I spoke on the radio like; Alice Khoza, Eunice Chipangula and Eliza Kachali. I never understood him but I started loving the radio and it became part of me. This is why I didn’t struggle to choose what I wanted to study at the university but went straight to study Journalism. Every time I’m on the radio, it is a dream come true for me because I know my father is smiling and I will forever be grateful for that.
The pain never goes away but with time, I learnt to accept that my father, who was always on my side, is gone but he lives in my memories. What hurts the most, is knowing that he was around when I him on the photos. All in all, my father lived and I am part of his legacy. Sometimes, I wish I can just say hello and tell him how I am. I wish to tell him that my mother also died eight months after he died: but I know that is not possible.
As a seven-year-old I was so confused but I was lucky that I was surrounded with a strong woman, my mother, who could always tell me that we are going to be okay.
One thing I know is, death is real and people are dying each and every day. I made a choice to celebrate the life of my father and told myself to cry no more. I chose to call him my hero. At the age of 33, my father had his own business and had a house of his own. This makes me to work extra hard every day as he did, and I will always be grateful to God, for giving me a daddy who was my best friend and my guardian angel.
I know it’s not easy to let go of the pain that comes from the loss of a loved one but you need to pray for God to strengthen you. You may have many questions but my God is always there to comfort you when you are in pain. Sometimes you can feel like crying but always ask God to be your shoulder because he is the best comforter.

Today, I am happy that I can celebrate the life of my father after 17 years. If I had a chance to tell him, I would say; “I love you and thanks for the good memories. It’s a reflection that you once lived on this earth and you left a mark in my heart that keeps me going.”
I would not forget to repeat these words to him; “I adore you.”


I can’t believe its five years already down the line since Malawians voted for the current president. 21st May, 2014 is the year I first ever voted in my life as my age was eligible to go and exercise my rights as an 18-year-old. I remember I was so excited to exercise my right as a true Citizen of Malawi. It felt good to be part of the team of choosing a leader who would take us to the next five years.

Njamba rally, President of UTM convincing Malawians to vote for him

Everyone in Malawi knows that tomorrow 21st may 2018 is the day we go to the polls and vote for Councilors, Members of Parliament (MPs) and most important the president of Malawi.
I really wished I exercised my right again this time for the second time but unfortunately I am not voting this time because the period I was supposed to register I lost my identity card and the process of getting it back took so many steps such that the time I got it back the registration was over in my city. That did not stop me from participating, I just made sure convinced 10 of my friends who had registered but did not care whether to vote or not, to go to and vote for the right candidate and I will be so glad to see them go and exercise their rights.

MCP president during a Campaign Whistle Stop

If you have not registered also because of different reasons make sure tonight you encourage somebody to go and vote wisely please.
There will be nothing important tomorrow than walking up to the polling station to vote. This chance comes once in five years. We all have to actively participate in determining the future of our nation.
If you don’t care about voting, then I assume that you are one of those people who don’t complain about the political leadership governing the Nation. When you vote you have a say and you can demand more or better from the political leaders.
Bad leaders are put in office by eligible voters who choose either not to register to vote or indeed register but abstain from voting. In the end the same eligible voters who do not cast their voters are the first to complain when there is poor service.
As everybody is anticipating about tomorrow and you are still thinking on whether to go vote, I encourage you that you please go and exercise your rights and vote for the right candidate. To all my fellow young people, remember the future is today and is in our hands right now and this moment and remember to make the right decision today.
Let us not let other people make decisions on our behalf while we sit down and watch, let us use this opportunity and exercise our right tomorrow. We are the generation that can make an impact for tomorrow. By Thursday this week, we are going to have a picture of who has made it and who has missed the bus.

DPP doing their campaign rally

As a young person and also a citizen of Malawi I believe that we can all change this country if we stand together and participate fully to the development of this country. Therefore, let us take this election seriously, and one more thing if you are choosing a leader for the sake of tribe whilst you know that he is not going to help the country you are wasting your time and energy for the next five years. Let’s not waste time tomorrow rather grab the opportunity once and for all and vote for the right candidate and together we hope for better tomorrow. Have a lovely night and all the best as you choose wisely tomorrow.


Every morning I take a bus when going to work from where I stay in area 36 to townhall (Lilongwe) where our offices are. Like any other busy mornings, minding my own business after dropping off from the bus depot I heard a conversation of some two young ladies talking about their plan for the weekend. I was so interested in their conversation to the point that I commented.

The other girl was telling her friend how they are going to spend the weekend since it’s a long weekend. They agreed that they will go to Mulanje and visit Mulanje Mountain and see the beauty of the natural wonder.

I was so curious about this trip and asked if this trip was part of Easter celebration or just a hangout. To my surprise, they too seemed surprised that I posed that question and one of them replied with a gloomy face and said: “Girl you need to wake up this is one of the most important weeks in a year in which we have a long weekend and you need to utilize it. Thanks to the Government for allowing our country to take part in this holiday because it really means a lot to us.”  I was like yoooo! People are so thankful for the Easter holiday just for the getaway.

Anyways, the girls went their way and I too went ahead with my journey to the office and then the whole conversation with the girls got me thinking of the fact that they even thanked Government for the holiday and I remembered that this holiday we are talking about is Easter holiday which is well known as long weekend. Then, when I got to the office I started thinking about the whole holiday on my part.  Those two girls were so excited to have a long weekend for them to relax and they even thanked the Government for allowing them to be on a national holiday though I also entertained myself with plans for the holiday. Something hit me hard and I asked myself why this long weekend around the world? And also why the Easter celebration? I had to go back to the whole meaning of this celebration.

This is neither my first celebration nor the end; I have had Easter celebrations over the years. I have gone to retreats, gone to church, gone to different shows but what does the celebration really mean to me.

As part of the Easter celebration, so many churches organized prayer gatherings0. Not only that, Assemblies of God (Glorious Temple) organized an Easter convention which took place for three days from Friday to Sunday. On Saturday night they had a concert on which I attended and I loved every moment of it.

The event was supposed to start at 6pm but it ended up starting at 6:30pm which was just okay with me because I was late and I never wanted to miss out the best moments of the event. My best friend was among the guest artists performing at the concert, Esther Chitheka lewis.

WhatsApp Image 2019-04-23 at 10.22.10 PM
Esther performing during the concert

Esther is one of the best worship artists I know am not just saying this because she is my best friend and we stay together but she has the talent. If you think am lying you can watch or listen to Zathu band songs and you will appreciate the talent.

WhatsApp Image 2019-04-23 at 10.15.20 PM
Shammah vocals spicing up the event

Enough of my best friend, Shamma vocals was also among the artists performing and we really had a good time because I enjoyed his performance especially his famous song Zoë. The concert was supposed to end at 9:00pm but ended up at 9:30pm which was okay because we really had a good time and got home at 10:00pm where we started cooking right away and after that, I went to bed. The next morning woke up early to continue my Easter celebration, Easter Sunday. I was so excited because one of my closest friends who is just like my baby sis was at our house that made the three of us, Jacqueline my baby sis, my best friend Esther and me.

WhatsApp Image 2019-04-23 at 10.22.45 PM
That is me, Shammah, Baby sis Jacq and Best Friend Esther at the Concert

So we all went to church and the service was just great as the pastor took us to Mathew 24 and he ended up telling us we should be victorious in whatever we do because our Lord savior has risen and he is Alive.

I had fun during the long weekend and have really learned a lot, especially that Christ is alive and am a free person this really means a lot to me. I hope you also had a great weekend. What was the most amazing thing that made you happy this holiday? I wish you all the best as we continue our journeys in life. Remember Christ is Alive.