Day 12 of 2020 and am doing just fine and still have the vibe of the new year and its okay to have that jovial mood I mean it’s 2020.If you had a chance to read my last article on my blog I said planning on whatever you want to achieve is very important.

Extreme Closeup Of Notepad Making A List of Goals
Philadelphia Magazine, Design Thinking

 Last week I was talking to one of my friends and I realized that this year is not different from 2019 or the rest of all the years I have been on earth. What makes it different is the way you will handle whatever comes on your way and how you have planned it.
I have set and jot down my goals and I am ready to go but there is just one thing that always triggers me and I know most of us struggles with Procrastination and you and I need to stand up and fight this disease if we really need change and have good results in this year.

Procrastination is the avoidance of doing a task that needs to be accomplished by a certain deadline. It could be further stated as a habitual or intentional delay of starting or finishing a task despite knowing it might have negative consequences according to Wikipedia.
So if you had no idea of what procrastination is you now know what you need to shake off. The habit of just changing on your plans, I will do it tomorrow, later or next time. HOMIE SHAKE IT OFF!

Procrastination is a trap that many of us fall into. In fact, according to researcher and speaker Piers Steel , 95 percent of us procrastinate to some degree. While it may be comforting to know that you’re not alone, it can be sobering to realize just how much it can hold you back.

University of Washington, Managing Procastination. Photo: Nicole Pasia

Procastination is often confused with laziness, but they are very different. It is an active process – you choose to do something else instead of the task that you know you should be doing. In contrast, laziness  suggests apathy, inactivity and an unwillingness to act.
Procrastination usually involves ignoring an unpleasant, but likely more important task, in favor of one that is more enjoyable or easier. But giving in to this impulse can have serious consequences. For example, even minor episodes of procrastination can make us feel guilty or ashamed. It can lead to reduced productivity and cause us to miss out on achieving our goals.
If we procrastinate over a long period of time, we can become demotivated and disillusioned with our work, which can lead to depression and even job loss, in extreme cases.

The good thing is there are ways how procrastination can be overcome and do better in our planning and be organized. Below are some of the ways that can help us to overcome procrastination.

1.KEEP A TO DO LIST-This will prevent you from “conveniently” forgetting about those unpleasant or overwhelming tasks.

To do list,

2.PRIOTISE YOUR TO DO LIST using Eisenhower’s Urgent/Important Principle . This will enable you to quickly identify the activities that you should focus on, as well as the ones you can ignore.

Smead, Prioritizing What to Do Now vs. What to Do Later

If you have a big project or multiple projects on the go and you don’t know where to start, these tools can help you to plan your time effectively, and reduce your stress levels.

Do you work better in the morning or the afternoon? Identify when you’re most effective, and do the tasks that you find most difficult at these times.

Setting yourself specific deadlines to complete tasks will keep you on track to achieve your goals, and will mean that you have no time for procrastination!

There are numerous apps designed to help you to be more organized, such as Trello and Toggl, for example.
If you’re prone to delaying projects because you find them overwhelming, try breaking them down into more manageable chunks. Organize your projects into smaller tasks and focus on starting them, rather than on finishing them.

Best Productivity Apps and Tools :By Frank Miller

This is how we can choose to win in this New Year of 2020. Let us get it straight. We all need change but not everyone is willing to to what it takes to change. Be part of the few who are going to make tremendous strides this yeare by shaking off Procastination. Have a great week!


Our team, as participants for the training

Everyone was excited and also nervous at the same time but it was amazing and I really had fun. I wish I could explain everything from the food, to the group photos but what I can say is, thanks to Nvak foundation for choosing Malawi and introducing this program. I should also everyone that sponsored this event to happen. We have benefited and personally I have been enlightened. Many thanks should also go to Kim of Diamonds who was running up and down to make sure we are on time and not forgetting Kingsly Tembenu who was playing us the acoustic guitar during the rehearsals and also the performance day on the 13 of November.

After the workshop I would love to sharpen my skills on producing and also give good music to my fans by writing well-structured songs and well narrated ones.
Nvak is one of the best things that has happened to me in 2019 and will always be forever grateful always. In one sentence I would say Nvak means to me: “A once in a lifetime opportunity I need to value and change my life.”


It has been a while since I posted something here but its all good and am so happy that today I can share something with you. Two weeks ago I was busy surfing on the internet and I came across the calendar of United Nations. I was filled with awe  as I kept on scrolling the calendar and checking  the different world commemoration days on it. What got my attention was the world friendship day which is today, 30th July.

Some of  my friends who made my 24th birthday memorable: Esther and Florence

Did you know that? When I came through this I was astonished, by just learning that friendship is also celebrated Globally, I was like wow! I looked at my workmate Mercy Kelly who happens to be a good friend of mine too. I went straight to her desk and showed her what I discovered about today and how excited I was to write about it. We’ve been friends for four years now.

Actually, we were together in college at Malawi Institute of Journalism and funny enough we are also in the same office and how it happened it’s a story for another day but am so grateful for our friendship.  On my way back to my desk, I got a call from my best friend, Esther Chitheka Lewis. The words she said when I picked up her call was,”Sis where are you, I really want to talk to you about something, can we talk over lunch?” I agreed to that as I had no any planned meeting on that lunch break.

My best friend, Esther is amazing and fun to be around

Then as I was reflecting on our meeting later that day, I realised how important it was for us to meet. The issues she brought forward couldn’t been discussed with any random person. It really needed a close friend to be there for her.

I wasn’t done yet in finding out more about this day, as WORLD INTERNTIONAL DAY. I went back with keen interest and continued browsing about this day and how important it is to everyone. It may happen that you also had no idea about this day and you are curious to learn more as I was when I first saw it.

With my colleagues from work: Dana and Malumbo.

According to google I found out that: The original Day of friendship came from Hallmark Cards in the 1930s. Originally celebrated on 2nd August. The day was largely viewed cynically by the public as a money-making exercise, sales of friendship day cards did not take off in Europe and by the Mid-1940s the day had faded into obscurity in the USA.  The Idea of today is to honor friendship, however adopted by a number of countries in Asia where it remained a popular custom to reserve a day for celebrating friendships and the exchange of gifts between friends.

The first world friendship Day was proposed for 30th July 1958 by the world Friendship crusade, an international civil organization that campaigns to foster a culture of peace through friendship. Many years later, in 2011 the 30th July was declared as the international day of friendship by the general assembly of United Nations. With the growing popularity of social media throughout the world. There has been an increase in celebrating World friendship day as an international day of friendship online as well as with community aimed at ‘BRINGING PEOPLE OF THOSE OF DIFFERENT BACKGROUNDS TOGETHER’.

The purpose of this day is to reflect on friendships that are important to us as individuals, whether they be with an old school friend, a sibling, a colleague or even a pet.

This really got my attention and started thinking of my old friends especially my childhood friend. When I was between the age 4 to 7, I was staying in Ntcheu district together with my family. I really had an amazing childhood and I almost remember everyone whom we were playing together with at home as well as at school.

At school I was one of the hard working students and I had a friend whose name was CYNTHIA PUMA and we became close because she was also one of the top students in our class. There was a certain term we were both number one and another term one of us was position 1 and another position 2. And because of our good performance in class, one of our teachers who was Catholic Nun used to invite us at her place and sge would give us sweets and biscuits. We started going for weekends together with my friend’s sister charity.

I really had a great time with these two girls even though it was for a short time as I moved to another city, Blantyre the time I lost my parents. When I saw the post for a friendship day, I thought about this part of my childhood together with Cynthia and charity puma. We did not have much time but they made my childhood beautiful, because of that I had to start looking for their whereabouts so that I should know how they are.

Thanks to technology it was so easy than I expected, I just posted on my WhatsApp Status explaining about it:

The Status I posted in search of my childhood friends

Soon after I posted that on my WhatsApp status, after an hour, two of my mutual friends contacted me saying they have heard that name before at church and they asked around and boom it was my friend. We never wasted time but exchanged the contacts through those two friends and as am saying we are connected again after a long time.

We were very young and we reminded each other about the little exciting moments at school and we are both looking forward to see each other again and hey! We all can’t wait.

As we celebrated my boyfriend birthday,my friends showed up too: mercy and Esther

Remember friendship is an integral part of our lives and our happiness. Friends come in all shapes and sizes and offer different things. As I have already said that some friendships are formed in childhood, when individuals often make lifelong friends. These friends can be turned to in times of crisis or celebration such as a weddings. Others can cemented at college or university when people traditionally begin to widen their social circle and incorporate friendships through shared interests. We really need friends as well as family for support, companionships and advice at various stages of our lives.

I wish I could mention all the people in my life who have made my life beautiful and help me achieve some goals I have accomplished but they are many of them. I just want to say thank you for making my childhood, teenage, high school, college life etc. better. I am a better person today because of some of you and I will always be happy to call you friends. Today it’s just a reminder of how we should celebrate the people that have surrounded us but we can do this every day, respect and be happy with the friends that you have today for tomorrow is never promised. HAPPY WORLD INTERNATION DAY to everyone!!!!!!!!


Chances in life have been given to each and everyone of us. The bible in Genesis says we are God’s image and this does not specify a particular race or nationality. What God meant is that each and every person in this world is his image.
Sometimes, I tend to wonder why other people are so smart while others seem like they are here to watch and clap hands for brilliant folks. I don’t know if I am the only one who thinks like that, but I believe that at some point in your quite time, similar thoughts linger in your mind. It is not a sin to think sometimes, because that’s how you come up with solutions to different problems.

I love the story of Lot and his wife from the book of Genesis. In the story, we learn that because of Abrams concern about his nephew (Lot), God spared Lot and his wife in the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. We all know that Lot and his family escaped but Madam Lot, as I like to call her, did not make it to the destination. Even though the chances were equal with the whole family but she chose to look back instead of just focusing to the future. As the book of Genesis narrates, Madam Lot did not make it and she later became a pillar of salt.
I can’t help but imagine what the story of Lot and his family would have been if Lot’s wife made it. If you’re reading this I want you to take her story as an example; because there are many opportunities in this world that lead us to go where God wants us to be. The problem is we don’t see them; we are busy looking at our friend’s opportunities and admire their success instead of building our own empire.
It’s not wrong to admire other people’s success but work also on your empire.

Thosechances that another man has, are also available to you only that you are blind and you cannot see. Imagine Madam Lot had a chance to escape the land of Sodom and Gomorra yet she blew it away. I don’t even know what she wanted to get anyway if you ask me. My friend you snooze and lose, one mistake can cause you pain for a long time, and also one opportunity can take you far for a long time.

The only problem is that most of us do not know what we really want in this life. We are living a copycat kind of life but if we knew what we wanted, every opportunity that comes our way could have brought joy in our life. Not only could your life change but also your community would have been transformed if you grabbed your opportunity wisely.
Imagine each and every person who wakes up every morning is granted 24 hours to make a difference in this world. The good news about this is you are one those persons who has just been given that opportunity. If you think I am joking think about how many people have died today and how many deserved to die because they were not worthy living.

You may have nobody to turn to right now, or not have resources to do the “hustle” of your dreams but let me challenge you dear: You have something that somebody is struggling to have somewhere and someone has just lost this moment. If you are here reading this and breathing; look around and you will find that there is only you in this world.
What you have to do is sit down and look at your life. Think of the opportunities that life gave you and you lost them. Imagine where you could have been if you used those opportunities wisely, and how many lives could have looked at you and smiled. Do not be like Madam Lot who had a chance and lost it and don’t just sit there and admire your friends who are doing big in life. As long as you are breathing, it’s your time to grab that opportunity and chance that the almighty father gave you. Use that chance to bring change in this world. Dear, the time is now, YOU SNOOZE YOU LOSE.