Being female is not easy but I love being a girl and over my lifetime I can say that being a girl is so interesting. Each and everyday when am going out I always carry my handbag with me whether big or small. It might be a hustle bag or an office bag, but I make sure that every day I have a handbag when I’m going out. I’m jealous of girls who don’t feel the need to carry large bags. My best friend for example, carries a cute little backpack bag with her keys, her yellow purse, and maybe some perfume and that’s all she need.

It really doesn’t matter where I’m going, I just make sure that I have it with me. A handbag really adds beauty to my outfit, I guess. Every time go shopping for a handbag, I make sure that first, it should classy because I love classy things. It should have a big space Inside because I really love to pack things with me even if I am not using the stuff. It is very funny I know but most of us girls will agree with me that most of us like to do that.
Each and every day when am going somewhere I am always carrying some small stuff with me. I will share with you most of the stuff I always carry and if you are a girl I know you will be familiar with some of the things that I am about to post below. Here are the ten things I always carry in my handbag:

Wherever I go I always make sure I have a pen with me and a notepad. This is so because I am always inspired by the little things that happen every day in life. This might inspire me to write a song or even an article on my blog. I am always creating new things every day. So when a thought comes inside my head, I write it down in my notepad in case I might forget. I know I can use my phone for this purpose but I feel like writing things down is better and that’s why I have my pen and notepad with me.

Sometimes you just meet important people unexpectedly hence I always carry my business cards and credit cards with me every time. There are times when you meet new people and you need to be more professional and carrying the two items does the trick. I am a kind of person who always wants to be ready all the times even though I know you can never be ready for everything but I think being organized is the least one can do.


I am that type of girl who loves to look beautiful and shiny all the time. As such, I always carry my Lip gloss and lipstick with me in my handbag. I wouldn’t want my lips to be dry while I am in a meeting or waiting for my customers. I wouldn’t want people to find me looking as if I wasn’t ready for them. Besides, there is a saying that goes like, “The first rule of feeling good in life is looking good.” Therefore I made a decision to look good not only with the clothes I wear but also my face. It’s not only about business but about everyday life; that’s why I just love to look fresh all the time hence my lip-gloss stays put in my bag. And hey girls! We all know it’s not always about meeting. I mean who wants to look shabby when going for a date? Keep your lip gross with you all the time and thank me later.


mf_makeup_0781Almost every lady will agree with me that at some point, you need to wipe your face to make it clean or to remove the oils especially when it’s hot. I make sure these two are always in my bag whether the bag is small or big. I have already said that I always want to look fresh all the time.
There are times whereby you just need to wash your hands whether you had your food somewhere, or you just need to freshen up after working. I hate it when my hands are dry so having a hand lotion in my bag helps me to keep my hands soft all the time.

Woman Wiping Eye
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I like to wear make-up on my face every time I am going out. Sometimes my lipstick doesn’t look nice after a meal and it needs fixing. So a wiper does that job for me and makes me feel comfortable. And what remains it to wear my lipstick properly so that I shine and feel fresh. Not only that, I have a greasy skin. Yes I said it lol. Anyway, there are some days when I just need to clean the slate and start new. So when your hands are dirty, baby wipes can do the job for you by cleaning your hands hence I make sure I carry them with me.


Talking of smelling good all the time… it’s my favorite part. Every person, whether male or female, wants to smell good all the time. I wouldn’t want to be panicking after a long day at work because of sweating and all that. I always carry my perfume with me and have a smiling face the whole day.
I’m not a fan of sweets and gum but I always make sure I have a packet or few candies in my bag. Even though I am not a fan, I always want to have a good breath everyday, so I love to buy the mint. As I have already said, you don’t know when you are going to cross path with a big opportunity in your life. I guess nobody wants to be smelly.

Tangles are the worst, I always make sure I have a comb in my handbag. I am not a fun of plaiting my hair, its either I have my hair or wear a wig. So we pack it in our handbag to get rid of the tango, I mean tangles.
10. A BOOK

Books are a hiding place or a comfort zone. I am so in love with reading that I can’t afford leaving my book or novel home. When I am alone waiting for somebody in a public place, I use that time to read. I particularly like spiritual books that would help my Christianity life grow. I also like fiction, drama, adventure and historical books and of coz novels are my favorite. I just love to read so I can’t just to leave a book behind.
So those are the 10 things I always carry in my bag but trust me, sometimes it’s more than that. As far I know I also carry my sunglasses and my HOLY BIBLE with me always even though I am not going to church or any church meetings. Day in and day out, we ladies always carry stuff in our handbags that we don’t even use and I feel like it’s just a beauty of being a girl. Guys do not get it but it’s ok and that’s why I said is interesting being a girl.
So let’s get connected, what do you think? What do you keep in your purse or your big handbag? Are you a big bag person or a tiny purse person? How many things do you carry in your bags and what are they?