At the Maphunziro 265 workshop

Time after time, I sit down and evaluate the things that I have been up to. For the past two years, I was not partaking in many activities that would involve me socializing with different people and that was by choice.
I told myself that this year, in each and every month, I should learn something new. And I have included that in the list of my 2020 goals. I have told myself to learn more from different people who are more advanced in years and even those younger than I am.
It took me time to get myself together and see how I can strategise and help myself on how I can learn better. The first step, I told myself to attend different conferences or workshops that will help me grow. I have also told myself to work up very early in the morning; I am working so hard to accomplish this because I am not a morning person.

That’s me in attendance at the workshop.

Last month I attended a workshop organized by Maphuziro 265, which took place on 29 February, at Latitude Hotel, in Lilongwe. I must say this is one of the best workshops that I have attended in a long time.
First of all, when I saw the flier of the show on my friend’s status, I told myself I would participate and when I asked around, I was convinced that it was a must attend conference. The reason I got attracted to this workshop was the theme which said; “Young Professional Women’s Mixer.” This is an event that brings together young professional women. According to Tendai of Maphuziro 265, there is a huge gap between them (professional women and novices) in terms knowledge and skills, and we lack spaces where we can come together as ladies, put our titles aside and learn from each other as sisters.

The MC Tendai who is also Co-founder of Maphuziro 265.

When I saw the line-up of the speakers and the topics, I told my friends about this event; and none of them seemed interested but that did not stop me from registering. Fast forward to the event, I must say this was one of the workshops I have ever attended. I loved the sessions and the speakers themselves.

The first speaker, Chisomo Kumwenda.

The first to speak was Chisomo Kumwenda, a lawyer by profession, who talked about labour laws and Gender equality in the work place. She tackled on issues that I see as normal but they are very wrong. For example, she said young women should never apologize to anyone about their dreams because they can do anything and be happy.

The ladies listening to the talks

She also talked about unwanted sexual favours, sexual harassment at work place. There are many times when a woman can get a job because of her potential and qualifications but some men may want to take an advantage, by dangling an opportunity for work or promotion in exchange with sex.
“You don’t need to lower yourself for that. If something like that happens you need to talk to the authorities. If you don’t trust them, talk to someone who can help you even if they are not from your working place, make sure you speak out.”

Ngabaghila Chatata who was the second speaker.

The second speaker, who was my favourite, was Ngabaghila Chatata. What I loved about her was the fact that she is a pastor’s wife, she holds a higher position at her work place and she is co-founder of an agribusiness company with her husband. I was so enthused to hear a story from a 40-year-old lady, with four children, and doing so much in this country. I must admit that I kept on saying; “this woman is blessed and her husband and family must be blessed.”

The last one to speak was Lusungu and I just treasured her vibe. Every time she was speaking, she could demonstrate so that we get whatever she was saying clearly. She talked about social media and networking. Through her, I learnt that we have opportunities around us and we just have to learn how to play our cards. People are making money on social media while others just use it as a platform to have fun.
Big up to Tendai and the whole team of Mamphunziro 265 for bringing up such good things. We really need more of these because I was tired of workshops that talked about the same things. I think we need something that can transform young people to be better and be responsible citizens.

We are young today and we should work for tomorrow, so let’s make good decisions on how we are going to transform our lives for the better. As for me, I won’t wait for somebody to give me an opportunity but I have promised myself to invest in myself and create an opportunity where it seems impossible.
Learn from other people. It really helps.

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