Be Grateful!

Look now am checking at my calendar and I am surprised it is the 1st of March, Gosh it’s been four weeks and I haven’t posted anything on my blog. Anyway thanks for coming in to check this, I trust you are doing quite well.

I am doing great and this four weeks that I was silent here, alot has happened but most of all I just wanted to say I am grateful for this life of mine.


You know how most of the times we feel intimidated with everything happening arround our lives causing us to forget the most important things that are happening everyday in our lives.

As I said that alot of things has happened, one of the happenings was a realese of my new single, I do sing in case you didn’t know. This song is so special to me and am so glad that it is out there and so grateful to God that I was able to do that song.

The song is titled ‘Missing you’ and it is a tribbute for my friend Farai Mambelera who passed in 2017, may her soul continue to rest in peace. This girl was just like a sister to me and really learnt alot from her especially my prayer life. She was more than a best friend and words fail me to express our friendship and sisterhood so I thought of doing a song just to appreciate and express the union we had.

Artwork for the song, missing you

Some may argue to say, why doing a song for someone who is no longer with us, but then I feel like there are things many of us don’t want to imagine them happening and death is one of those things.

So I did the song just to appreciate  her. To me she was an awesome friend and she was a good friend to many people. Farai loved people and was loved by many including her dear family.

Releasing that song it’s a great stride  to me and also to my music career. You can get the song using this link _ and enjoy😀

Then in the month of February I turned 25, that was on 10th. I really feel good and happier. I don’t have alot to say but I am grateful especially for the people that I love and my closest friends who are always there to support me.


This is me on my birthday

I really had a great time on my birthday night, in the morning hours of that day I was at work and we had a supper at mugg and bean restraunt at City Mall here in Lilongwe in the evening. I was so happy because I had 3 cakes including my boyfriend’s who organised so much presents and send them through a friend from Blantyre city where he stays to Lilongwe. It really added something on my day and am so happy that I am 25 and grateful.
My father and Mother went to be with the Lord at the age of 7 and 8 respectively and I never expected that I will grow up and be like the Woman I am today. For the journey and everything I just want to say, “thank you God because I know everything I have is because of him.”

Together with my friends on my birthday, So grateful

Some times we think we have whatever we have because of our ability and hard working spirit but it’s just the work of The Almighty God that we are what we are today.  Be Grateful to your life everyday and you will see what God does.

As I said alot has happened in the period of four weeks ,One day I was going to work and I was in a public bus and I saw a mad man behind the Lilongwe bridge who was cooking using the milk tins and eating the stuff that you and I would never eat. Myself and those who were in the bus looked at this man and a voice came out from some old woman saying, “we need to be grateful to God for the clean food we have and we should stop complaining”.

We might not have everything but,the air we breathe, the clean water we drink and all the opportunities that we have had and still having let’s be grateful and thankful to the Almighty.
Stop complaining and count your blessings one by one and look at each day with a blessed heart.


Thank God for Your family not everyone has them, be grateful for your Job because someone is crying to God for that same opportunity, be grateful for your talent, be grateful for today and count your blessings one by one and face the day with a smile that you have had many battles won and you are not afraid anymore.

What have u been up to in 2020 and what are you grateful for?
Enjoy your week!!!

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