I canโ€™t believe its five years already down the line since Malawians voted for the current president. 21st May, 2014 is the year I first ever voted in my life as my age was eligible to go and exercise my rights as an 18-year-old. I remember I was so excited to exercise my right as a true Citizen of Malawi. It felt good to be part of the team of choosing a leader who would take us to the next five years.

Njamba rally, President of UTM convincing Malawians to vote for him

Everyone in Malawi knows that tomorrow 21st may 2018 is the day we go to the polls and vote for Councilors, Members of Parliament (MPs) and most important the president of Malawi.
I really wished I exercised my right again this time for the second time but unfortunately I am not voting this time because the period I was supposed to register I lost my identity card and the process of getting it back took so many steps such that the time I got it back the registration was over in my city. That did not stop me from participating, I just made sure convinced 10 of my friends who had registered but did not care whether to vote or not, to go to and vote for the right candidate and I will be so glad to see them go and exercise their rights.

MCP president during a Campaign Whistle Stop

If you have not registered also because of different reasons make sure tonight you encourage somebody to go and vote wisely please.
There will be nothing important tomorrow than walking up to the polling station to vote. This chance comes once in five years. We all have to actively participate in determining the future of our nation.
If you donโ€™t care about voting, then I assume that you are one of those people who donโ€™t complain about the political leadership governing the Nation. When you vote you have a say and you can demand more or better from the political leaders.
Bad leaders are put in office by eligible voters who choose either not to register to vote or indeed register but abstain from voting. In the end the same eligible voters who do not cast their voters are the first to complain when there is poor service.
As everybody is anticipating about tomorrow and you are still thinking on whether to go vote, I encourage you that you please go and exercise your rights and vote for the right candidate. To all my fellow young people, remember the future is today and is in our hands right now and this moment and remember to make the right decision today.
Let us not let other people make decisions on our behalf while we sit down and watch, let us use this opportunity and exercise our right tomorrow. We are the generation that can make an impact for tomorrow. By Thursday this week, we are going to have a picture of who has made it and who has missed the bus.

DPP doing their campaign rally

As a young person and also a citizen of Malawi I believe that we can all change this country if we stand together and participate fully to the development of this country. Therefore, let us take this election seriously, and one more thing if you are choosing a leader for the sake of tribe whilst you know that he is not going to help the country you are wasting your time and energy for the next five years. Letโ€™s not waste time tomorrow rather grab the opportunity once and for all and vote for the right candidate and together we hope for better tomorrow. Have a lovely night and all the best as you choose wisely tomorrow.


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