Being 24

Life has never been sweet and I feel blessed being 24 now. On the 10th February, I turned 24 and it felt and still feels good. When I was 12, I wanted to be 16 so that I should be in form 4 and have a boyfriend. What a joke! When I was a 16, I wanted to be 21 so that I should be a graduate and start working.
Everyone wants to be somewhere at some particular time and they are called wishes. One thing that has stood out for me throughout my journey, is knowing that; whatever happens in life it’s always for our good.

We might not see it now but at some point you will find out that it was for your good.
As for me, since I was young, I have always wanted to be 24 because this is the age I thought I will get married and live with my husband in our happily ever after. You may think it’s a joke but that was my dream. I also thought by this time, I will be working at a big company, with a company car and a company house; and my degree would be that icing on the cake. I know you can laugh the whole day about the things that I thought I would have at the age of 24.

Even though I haven’t achieved some of the things that I thought I would have accomplished at this age, I am surprised at the things that I have accomplished at the age of 24. I mean I am 24 yes, single not married off course hahahahahaah (you can laugh too) but I have never been so happy in my life; the way I feel this moment is amazing. I don’t have a degree yet, as I have always desired, but I have a good job that I love and I am so passionate about it.

I have my own home, run my business and I am still learning. In short, I feel like that’s one of the things that makes me happy. When you have your own thing, you wouldn’t want it to die as a result you work hard towards it. At the end, when the outcome is your work is good fruits, it motivates your life to do better.
When you are motivated that’s when you are a happy person and that’s what I am talking about. Happiness is all that matters. When I say I have never been this happy understand me. That is why I celebrated my 24th birthday.

I have never ever celebrated my birthday before so my 24th was special for me. I went out for a dinner with my friends at Korean Garden. We had food, cake and the photo shoot by Manifest was on point.

However, to me, the most important thing was my friends showing up and having fun with me.
I have told myself to live fully in my 24th year like it’s my last chance on earth. I have a couple of ideas that I want to explore and make my year enjoyable:
I want to travel around Malawi as never before. I have realized that Malawi has got good views that need to be appreciated and I have told myself to travel and appreciate.
I don’t have strategy yet but I want to grow my business and work hard on it and do my best to learn from other young and big entrepreneurs

I want to grow spiritually and let my God be the centre of everything in my life. I have realized that I have ideas and plans on paper but God is the only one who can fulfill my plans.

Those are just few ideas and plans that I want to explore in my 24th year. I can assure you that I’m ready to have fun and work hard on that. I know that to others, a birthday is just like any other day and I don’t really blame them. I feel like it is a good idea to celebrate a birthday because so many people wished to come this far, but their time was over before they even achieved their dreams. If you are here with nothing or without nothing, you need to be grateful and celebrate the fact that you are alive.

6 thoughts on “Being 24

  • I never anticipate my birthdays. This one was different. I’m out of school about to graduate and working as an intern elsewhere but this isn’t where I imagined to be at 24. So i felt underachievied. Then again I haven’t done much towards my goals and my inability somehow I thought was just beyond me. Tao led me to this blog. It’s amazing to see this your side of the story. It’s encouraged me to keep on . Work. God makes everything beautiful in His own time.

  • Wooow what an amazing story behind your 24th birthday.. indeed we all want to be somewhere in life, but courage, patience,hard work and faith are the only keys to get us there. We ought to live a life that we dream of only if we work on it..I always say don’t wait for things to be done for you,do them and you will see change and am sure God will help us in achieving that. Trusting in God is a key to every achievement as he is the master planner and director of our plans.

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