I am so excited and energetic because this is my first ever 2019 article and I don’t even know the title as I am writing right now, but trust me by the time I will be finishing writing, I will figure it out. Each and every year, before the year begins my plans and goals for the year ahead are always set by the time we reach 1st January. I can show you my old hardcover which is full of my goals I have had since primary school up to last year.
I am one of the people who can tell you that I am living in my dreams which I wrote six or five years ago. That time I was just a little girl but I am testifying at 24 years of age. Let me be plain and say that there is power in putting to paper everything you want in your life. Every time you see that vision on your paper it will give you energy and work towards it every time. Some people like to play it simple by just having the vision in their heads, but trust me you can easily forget and change your mind. WRITE DOWN YOUR GOALS ON PAPER and run with that vision. Even the bible says it in Habakkuk 2:2 that is how it works.

cropped-img-20190306-wa0024.jpgWrite your dreams down and never be afraid if they sound stupid or grandiose.

Some of my goals I had last year were put on paper and now it’s not a dream anyomore. I’m proud to say it’s my lifestyle now. I had 10 goals that I was so passionate about and I can confidently say I achieved 92% of everything I planned. One of my goals was to start blogging; I had to gather my content, plan for a photo shoot, read about other bloggers, discover how to publicize my blog, figure out where I was going to get inspiration and so on. In short, I had so many things to research on for me to accomplish that one goal and yes in the end, I won and I am now a blogger and you’re reading my articles.

The reason I gave you my example on my blog is because I wanted to give you a picture on how things go. We all have a paper and a pen ready for our use, and we have better ideas on how to perfect our lives and get what we want. The only problem is we both don’t know how to get it. In other words you have no strategy. For example if, in this year, you want to change a certain behavior you don’t like; you need a strong decision and a strategy.

First of all, identify the problem and find ways on how to deal with that habit and the best way is to be disciplined. Discipline is another topic on its own and very important when you want to achieve your goals. It does not matter what type of dreams and goals you have set you just have to learn how to discipline yourself.

If you want to lose weight you need to watch what you eat because if you continue your daily routine, my friend that’s a dead goal and it can’t be achieved. When you want something new in your life, you need to get rid of other things to let new things develop in your life.

The funny thing is that most people are okay in their comfort zones. They are either not ready or they are afraid to change. One thing you need to know is that change happens and you need to understand and adapt the change.
I know the year is still young and most of us are still eager to make a change in our lives. So do it, go for it and make a difference in your life and your society once for all. As for me, I will sit down after work and figure out what to do this year. If you haven’t yet set goals for this year you are not alone, I am there with you but at least I have ideas on what I want this year. What I know is; I want to take a risk this year and I also want to travel Malawi like never before.
Folks, we all need and want a good life and it’s always a good feeling when you dream but mostly it is an amazing feeling when you achieve and live a good life. Don’t lose heart on your dream and please put it on paper and run with it every day. Have a blessed weekend.

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