It may not be today but sooner or later it is going to work out for your good. Patience is a song that most people try so hard to sing but fail. The only thing people don’t know is that there is a beauty in being patient, even though it’s not everyone who can endure patience but there is a beauty in it.
I will take you to a place called bible, in this place there are so many people who practiced patience and things worked out for them. We are talking about people like Jacob. Jacob worked seven years just to get a woman he really loved. Folks, we are talking about 7 years here, working tirelessly just to have something of your heart desire. The unfortunate thing about the story of Jacob was that even though he worked very hard for seven years he wasn’t given what he was promised but had to work hard another seven years to get the exact thing he wanted.

Patience is a virtue

This story is an inspiration to my life. I mean who does that? Imagine Jacob worked for seven years, got cheated on and added seven more years of work for a woman. What does this story tell you? We all want good things in life but we are not willing to fight for what we want. We are not ready endure the pain that comes on the way. We just want to have the things to come our way and accept them with a big smile; but that’s not going to happen my dear.

I believe Jacob felt pain when he started working for Laban to get his daughter as his wife, but that did not give him room to quit. He even worked hard after being disappointed and that should give you energy to work harder even though things are not working at this moment. Jacob had all the excuses to give up after being tricked for the first time; he could have quit because he worked so hard as agreed but he ended up being duped. Dear one, Jacob did not give up; he walked another mile with his whole heart because that is what he wanted in his life.
I don’t know what you are looking for in this life, I don’t care for how long you have been praying or searching for that thing. One thing that I’m sure of is that God never sleeps, nor slumbers but he is busy watching over your life. Do not stop praying and working hard because God can see you. If you have been working and praying like Jacob to get that job my friend you will get it. Teach yourself to be disciplined and learn to be patient and God will answer you.
The beauty about being patient is when you wait faithfully upon God he gives you something which is very genuine and it’s only you who has it. When you wait upon God, he teaches you to take care of the thing given to you because it’s permanent. When you wait upon God he gives you an authority to be an inspiration to other people. When you wait upon God trust me, your blessings become a blessing to so many people.
When Jacob got Rachael as his wife after waiting for a long time, God blessed them with two sons; Joseph and Benjamin. And we all know the story of joseph and how he was a blessing to many people.

A walk of faith is all you need

You may want it now but just be patient because sooner or later you’re going to have it. Sooner or later you are going to be speechless, sooner or later that job you really want is going come on your way, that child you have been trusting God for is coming on your way. What you have to do now is continue being in God’s presence, read his word each and every day, meditate on his word, be faithful to God and he will take your shame away. If you don’t know where to start just confess your sins wherever you are and allow Jesus to be your master and trust me he will teach you to be patient. It might not be today nor tomorrow but trust me sooner or later my God will give you what you have been looking for.

One thought on “SOONER OR LATER

  • Oliver Kasito Junior says:

    This is awesome stuff Faith, many people need this keep on doing the good work for the Lord. “Patience is a song that many people want to sing but fail.” I like this.

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