Chances in life have been given to each and everyone of us. The bible in Genesis says we are God’s image and this does not specify a particular race or nationality. What God meant is that each and every person in this world is his image.
Sometimes, I tend to wonder why other people are so smart while others seem like they are here to watch and clap hands for brilliant folks. I don’t know if I am the only one who thinks like that, but I believe that at some point in your quite time, similar thoughts linger in your mind. It is not a sin to think sometimes, because that’s how you come up with solutions to different problems.

I love the story of Lot and his wife from the book of Genesis. In the story, we learn that because of Abrams concern about his nephew (Lot), God spared Lot and his wife in the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. We all know that Lot and his family escaped but Madam Lot, as I like to call her, did not make it to the destination. Even though the chances were equal with the whole family but she chose to look back instead of just focusing to the future. As the book of Genesis narrates, Madam Lot did not make it and she later became a pillar of salt.
I can’t help but imagine what the story of Lot and his family would have been if Lot’s wife made it. If you’re reading this I want you to take her story as an example; because there are many opportunities in this world that lead us to go where God wants us to be. The problem is we don’t see them; we are busy looking at our friend’s opportunities and admire their success instead of building our own empire.
It’s not wrong to admire other people’s success but work also on your empire.

Thosechances that another man has, are also available to you only that you are blind and you cannot see. Imagine Madam Lot had a chance to escape the land of Sodom and Gomorra yet she blew it away. I don’t even know what she wanted to get anyway if you ask me. My friend you snooze and lose, one mistake can cause you pain for a long time, and also one opportunity can take you far for a long time.

The only problem is that most of us do not know what we really want in this life. We are living a copycat kind of life but if we knew what we wanted, every opportunity that comes our way could have brought joy in our life. Not only could your life change but also your community would have been transformed if you grabbed your opportunity wisely.
Imagine each and every person who wakes up every morning is granted 24 hours to make a difference in this world. The good news about this is you are one those persons who has just been given that opportunity. If you think I am joking think about how many people have died today and how many deserved to die because they were not worthy living.

You may have nobody to turn to right now, or not have resources to do the “hustle” of your dreams but let me challenge you dear: You have something that somebody is struggling to have somewhere and someone has just lost this moment. If you are here reading this and breathing; look around and you will find that there is only you in this world.
What you have to do is sit down and look at your life. Think of the opportunities that life gave you and you lost them. Imagine where you could have been if you used those opportunities wisely, and how many lives could have looked at you and smiled. Do not be like Madam Lot who had a chance and lost it and don’t just sit there and admire your friends who are doing big in life. As long as you are breathing, it’s your time to grab that opportunity and chance that the almighty father gave you. Use that chance to bring change in this world. Dear, the time is now, YOU SNOOZE YOU LOSE.

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